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If you have a patient that is showing symptoms or complaining about Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer's disease (AD), we may be able to help them.  We offer free pre-screen evaluations to determine inclusion criteria for a research trial, and provide additional resources and referrals to help you in your treatment plans for your patients.  We are a Clinical Trial Center wholly funded by pharmaceutical  companies and other agencies that fund our trials.



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  • Frederick W. Schaerf, M.D., Ph.D. has conducted over 100 clinical trials dedicated to dementia. Your patient will receive the latest diagnostics and treatments available in a safe, well controlled environment.
  • We do not conduct studies that require subjects to stop taking their current medications.
  • The medications that we are investigating have been tested in earlier trials for safety and tolerability. We have never placed our patients at risk and we never will.
  • All of your patient's site visits, tests, and medications are free of charge. This includes travel fees as we can arrange for travel accommodations. There is no insurance requirement and we will not ask for proof of insurance.
  • Your patient will need a study partner to attend your patient's visits to the office and help track the progress throughout the trial duration. Your patient and study partner both have access to educational materials and focus groups in order to better educate your patient and partner about dementia.
  • Our office is a doctor's office. There are no guinea pigs nor will your patient ever be treated like one. Your patient and study partner will be treated with dignity and care.
  • You will be kept informed of your patient's progress.
  • Your patient must satisfy several criteria which are determined via a phone screening with one of our staff and then pre-screening process at our office. This pre-screening process may include, but not limitedly, an MRI and/or PET scan, standard tests of  cognitive function and analysis of  blood and urine chemistry at no cost for Your patient.
  • Some studies require a Lumbar Puncture. A Lumbar Puncture is a very tiny prick and is conducted under fluoroscopy.
  • Disqualification from a clinical trial can occur and can be related to your patient's other medical conditions or the medications your patient currently takes. Even if they do not qualify for a study, we will still recommend the highest quality medical and educational resources available. Additionally, with your patient permission, we will contact your patient for future studies that your patient might qualify for.
  • Informed consent must be obtained from the participant and study partner in order for the screening process to begin. Your patient will know exactly what is expected of your patient before agreeing to participate. Your patient may withdraw from the study at any point and/or any reason with no penalties. We will fully support your patient's decision.
  • Participating in a trial means your patient will learn more about the disease affecting your patient and potentially receive a medication not available by prescription. Your patient will be playing an active role in the development of a potentially disease altering medication.
  • Your patient may receive a placebo as part of the study. We do not know if your patient is on the placebo or actual drug. If your patient is on the placebo, and the drug proves effective, there may be an open label extension where your patient will receive the drug up until it is available by prescription.
  • The treatment of memory loss is changing. Early diagnosis is clinically important and earlier interventions are being actively studied.
  • We thoroughly understand the disease that is impacting your patient's life. While your patient may remain under the care of your current physician(s), we will treat your patient with the highest level of empathy, dignity, and professionalism while under our supervision. Education is the cornerstone of the clinical trials process and the families that benefit most from this process are those needing answers and support. Your patient will receive both at the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida.
  • The Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida is dedicated in finding effective treatments for those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD). Early detection is as crucial a component for treating this disease as the treatments themselves.  We are committed to bringing the best advancements in clinical research trials being conducted all over the world, and making them available to patients in Southwest Florida.




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Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida

14271 Metropolis Avenue, Suite A • Fort Myers, FL  33912