The most common geriatric health concerns

Aging and Health Concerns

People are living longer than ever before, according to the CDC. 19.3 years longer, to be exact. The extension of years doesn’t come without work on your part, though. Our bodies drastically change as we age if you think about where they started. All the elements that function day in and day out don’t stay in …

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Combat memory loss

Combat Memory Loss

Ever find yourself standing in the middle of the bedroom wondering what you went in there for in the first place? Don’t worry, most of us have. Forgetting where you put things, and the name of a person you just met is more common as you age. The decreased size of the brain, along with …

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More than a tremor

Parkinson’s: When It’s More Than a Tremor

Involuntary hand movements, or tremors, are common in middle and older age. Each person has a physiological tremor, which is usually not noticeable and is naturally occurring. Tremors are the most acknowledged Parkinson’s disease symptom. They happen in the beginning stages of the disease progression. However, other medical conditions can result in tremors, and each …

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How Technology Can Help Parkinson’s

The movement disorders associated with Parkinson’s can vary with the time of day, stress, and what you eat. Frequency and severity also differ from person to person, making successful management a moving target. What if there was a way to track symptoms and severity levels automatically through a wearable device? Sound too good to be …

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Memory Loss

Everyone has experienced forgetfulness at some point in their lives. You forget where you put your phone or the name of the person you just met. It is an entirely normal part of aging. However, there is forgetfulness that goes beyond lost keys and missing names. Alzheimer’s related memory loss gradually worsens over time, and …

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Jennifer A. Springer, M.D.

Sub Investigator

Dr. Jennifer Springer was born in Pennsylvania where she attended Temple Medical School in Philadelphia.  She then went to the Medical College of Pennsylvania for her residency in Emergency Medicine.

She is Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

For the past 19 years, Dr. Springer has resided in Southwest Florida and worked part-time in the Health Park Emergency Department and Lee Convenient Care while she helped her husband, Dr. Charles Springer, raise their four children and foster child.

She currently works as a Sub-Investigator at The Neuropsychiatric Research Center.

Frank Melo, M.D.

Lead Investigator

Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida (NPRC) an Evolution Research Group (ERG) site is excited to announce that Dr. Frank Melo, M.D. has recently joined the NPRC team as a Lead Investigator. Prior to joining NPRC, Dr. Melo has participated in over 40 pre-clinical, and clinical research trials in laboratory, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. He has16 years in various roles in clinical research in Texas and Florida, along with 10 years clinical experience in family medicine and addiction medicine.  

“We welcome Dr. Melo as a Lead Investigator. He has experience, leadership skills, and mission focus to lead exceptional clinical trials and improving operational excellence,” said Erica Ridolfi, Executive Director of Clinical Operations for ERG. “We are happy to have a lead investigator with Dr. Melo’s dedication joining us to continue in partnership with Dr. Wendy Bond to drive future growth, improve patient experience and lead trials that provide the high-quality data our subject participants require.”



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